Motorcycle Accident Settlement Factors

What is the average motorcycle accident settlement? The actual amount depends on many different factors, such as who is at fault, the severity of injuries, etc. The amount will also vary from state to state, and case to case.

When there are no severe injuries, the insurance company might settle the claim with a payment that’s less than what the person might get if they go to court and fight their injury claims. The main reason that people choose to accept a lesser settlement is because they don’t want to have to pay too much, especially when it comes to car drivers. In a majority of motorcycle accident settlement cases, the amount is less than half of what car drivers would get when they go to court. Motorcycle drivers are considered to be middle-class drivers by insurance companies, so they don’t get paid as much as the more affluent car drivers. This is why many people accept smaller settlements in exchange for being able to keep driving.

There are many variables involved when it comes to motorcycle accident settlement cases. For example, what type of accident took place, who was at fault, were there any witnesses, and so forth. Even these variables can change the final amount of a settlement. To get more examples of the variables, visit

Even if the final settlement value is less than the actual cost of treating injuries, you can make the insurance company lower their offer on the spot. If you’re injured, you need the money now. If your injuries weren’t serious, then your insurance policy probably only covers about seventy-five percent of your hospital expenses, and the rest will have to come out of your own pocket. You can tell your insurance company that you’re requesting a much smaller settlement value, and they will probably bring down the amount you’re seeking.

As mentioned before, how severe the injuries are will determine how much you can ask for in a motorcycle accident settlement. If the injuries are serious enough to prevent you from working, driving, or doing anything else related to work, your case may be worth more than the actual cost of treating the injuries. If you have no permanent disabilities, and you can work, the settlement value of your case will be less. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can advise you on the percentage of your final settlement value that you should ask for based on your injuries. You may also be able to get some reductions if you can prove that another driver was at fault in the accident.

Motorists who are involved in motorcycle accidents should contact their insurance company right away to see if any discounts are available for their motor accident pre-settlement funding. Many drivers wait to contact their insurance company until the accident has caused them substantial injury or illness. Waiting is a poor decision. Now is the time to contact your motorist’s insurer or motorcycle accident attorney to discuss the best way to recover your medical bills and other losses.

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